Bahrain 2020: Lap Time Analysis

What a race! After Romain Grosjean’s shocking crash in the first lap, the race was stopped for over an hour. It was relieving to see, that Romain came out of the flames by himself and survived this heavy crash with just little injuries.

I believe all of us needed to process these pictures and are thankful for the Halo-System which actually saved Romains life today. Without this, the pictures surely would have looked quite different.

As the race stewards approved to continue the session with the newly built barrier, we did not have to wait for a long time to see the next spectacular crash – luckily without any injuries. Lance Stroll crashed with the AlphaTauri of D. Kvyat and spun his car upside down.

This of course was not very helpful for the Racing Point Team in terms of the constructor’s championship (see my blog about the exciting fight for 3rd place). Also the engine failure of Sergio Perez’ Racing Point towards the end of the race was not helpful for the team. In opposite to Racing Point, McLaren was able to gain a lot of points after a “moderate” qualifying session on Saturday.

But let’s now look at the data of last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.


As always, we take a look at the data we want to analyse:

Excpert of the data set: Laptime & Position for each driver per Lap

And as we can see, we have 1016 rows and have recorded laptimes between 92.01 seconds and 1354.97 seconds. This maximum time seems quite high and is caused by the red flag. In the further analysis, we will exclude the 19 affacted laptimes with ~1300 Seconds.

Overview of Laptimes

Excluding the data of the second lap (red flag), we can clearly identify the two Safety Car periods in the beginning of the race (Stroll) and at the end of the race (Perez).

But we will also exclude the lap times during a Safety Car phase in order to see more clearly how the laptimes changed over time and in comparison to 2019.

Mercedes Driver Comparison

Red Bull Driver Comparison

McLaren Driver Comparison

Renault Driver Comparison

Ferrari Driver Comparison

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