Incredible Performance of George Russell (Mercedes) and Sergio Perez (Racing Point) at the Bahrain Sakhir Grand Prix

Once again, last weekend, F1 showed us how exciting motorsport can be and at the same time also how frustrating. George Russell was replacing Lewis Hamilton (due positive COVID-19 test results) in the Mercedes car and was about to win his first GP but it was taken from him (twice) due to a pit crew error and a puncture afterwards… A very sad moment for him and everyone who wanted to see him on the Podium scoring his first points in his F1 career.

On the other hand, Sergio Perez used the weakness of the Mercedes and won his first Grand Prix. He showed to the F1 community once again that he really deserves a seat in F1 – especially due to the fact that he was involved in the crash in Lap 1 caused by Charles Lerclerc and ended up in last place after Lap 1. But still, he was able to charge through the field and catch P1. Overall a very successfull weekend for Racing Point (with Stroll taking P3).

Let’s take a look at both Mercedes and Racing Point drivers.

Overall Laptimes

Due to the two Safety Car phases during the race, the lap-time average is significantly higher than the median:
– Median at 58.73 Seconds
– Average at 63.15 Seconds

George Russell & Sergio Perez

First, let’s take a look at the positions during the race – George Russell was better at the start and overtook Valtterie Bottas in the opening lap and kept that position for roughly 56 laps. After that tyre incident(s) happened at the Mercedes garage, Sergio Perez maintained the race lead until the end.

Both drivers made obviously an outstanding job – given the circumstances (Russell in a completely different car this weekend, Sergio almost taken out of the race in Lap 1). So do their lap times reveal their capabilities and what these drivers are able to achieve. Such an incredible job!

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