Quick Post-Qualifying Check Bahrain 2020

As I tried to predict the Q3 Qualifying times beforehand in this post, let’s quickly take a look at the actual numbers. Following drivers reached Q3 and set the respective times # DRIVER BEST Q3 TIME 1 HAM 1:27.264 2 BOT 1:27.553 3 VER 1:27.678 4 ALB 1:28.274 5 PER 1:28.322 6 RIC 1:28.417 7Continue reading “Quick Post-Qualifying Check Bahrain 2020”

Battle for 3rd in the constructor’s championship 2020 – An Analysis

As Mercedes has once again managed to win the constructor’s championship and Red Bull being 2nd by far, all eyes are now on the battle for the 3rd place in the constructors championship. The most disappointing team in the season so far was definitely Ferrari, clearly underperforming the expectations. But are they able to gainContinue reading “Battle for 3rd in the constructor’s championship 2020 – An Analysis”

Chaotic F1 Turkey GP 2020 in One Table

Drivers complaining after Friday’s Practice sessions about the new slippery tarmac, Saturday was not getting better at all – it started to rain. As a conclusion we had a very exciting qualifying on Saturday followed by an extraordinary race on Sunday. I created this overview to show how the race actually went for each driverContinue reading “Chaotic F1 Turkey GP 2020 in One Table”

Predicting Q3-Qualifying Times for Bahrain Grand Prix 2020

1. Describing the data In order to predict the Q3-Qualifying times, I ran an SQL-query on the https://ergast.com/mrd/ database. With the help of Python I transformed the q3-times into seconds (q3_sec). This will help us to compare the times and predict future laptimes. Overall, we have a dataset with 125 rows and data from 2006Continue reading “Predicting Q3-Qualifying Times for Bahrain Grand Prix 2020”